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"Expert care, exceptional results."

Top Hospital in Mahendranagar

Mantra Hospital in Mahendranagar is known for its amazing care for its patients.

"Your health, our priority."

Best Healthcare in Mahendranagar

Mantra Hospital provides top quality healthcare in Mahendranagar, Far-West Nepal.


Bringing Advanced Medical Treatments to Your Community

Mantra Hospital is a reputed healthcare provider that is committed to providing high-quality medical care to its patients. With advanced medical technology and facilities, as well as a team of board-certified clinicians and nurses, Mantra Hospital attracts leading consultants and specialists from the industry. The hospital prides itself on providing cost-efficient healthcare to both insurance and self-pay patients, with access to the latest treatment technology available. While adhering to Clinical Governance systems to ensure adequate patient care, the hospital continuously outperforms industry benchmarks in medical outcomes.

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    Experience World-Class Hospital Facilities with Mantra Hospital.

    Dental Service

    Experience the difference of our hospital’s dental care.

    Physiotherapy Service

    Trust our hospital’s Physiotherapy services to provide evidence-based therapies.

    NICU Service

    We have expert neonatal team for best NICU service.

    Endoscopy Service

    We offer advanced imaging for your better digestive health.

    ECHO/ECG Service

    Experience the rhythm of exceptional cardiac care at our hospital’s ECG/ECO services

    X-ray Service

    Our hospital’s X-ray services offer state-of-the-art equipment and skilled radiologists.

    Health Package

    The easiest way to keep life on track.




    Test Includes:
    Blood Sugar (Fasting, PP)
    Lipid Profile
    Renal Function (RFT)
    Liver Function (LFT)
    Vitamin D/Vitamin B12
    Urine RE/ME, Stool RE/ME
    Thyroid Function Test (TFT)
    Ultrasound (USG)
    Chest X-Ray
    Physician Consultation


    Surgery Completed


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